Teardown Game Online

In this game you have to plan your perfect crime. You need to clearly come up with a plan of action so as not to screw up at the wrong time. You can use your imagination to make your task easier. You will have many different tools to help you. Here you have to complete unique missions that will bring you a huge amount of emotions. Whatever you do, you will get cool impressions!


In Teardown, your main character is a real trickster. He made his way illegally to a construction site and pretended to be a worker. From now on, he must think through everything to the smallest detail so that he succeeds. You have probably seen a lot of challenges where your goal was to rob something. Everything is completely different here, so be prepared! Getting to the location, you will be able to understand that almost everything here can be destroyed. Doors, house walls, fences, cars, floors, ceilings.

All this and much more you can destroy. To do this, you can use a sledgehammer or other heavy object. Do not rejoice too much, because not everything can be broken. For example, you will not be able to destroy concrete or thick brick structures. It also has very realistic graphics and the laws of physics. If you hit the bottom of a building, the roof won’t hang in the sky. Everything will collapse and make your way easier. You have to be very careful to do everything right.

What might be the obstacles?

It will be very exciting to play here, but sometimes you will have difficulties. You must make sure that your character does not get hurt. When you are at the top of the building, then be vigilant. One wrong step and you could fall down. In this case, you may get injured. Also be careful with explosions and fire. Your health will replenish fairly quickly, but you shouldn’t rely on that alone. In any case, you have the opportunity to die.

Don’t let this happen! Do digs to get to your destination. You may be glad that there are no guards here. Also, the neighbors do not particularly pay attention to loud noises, so they are unlikely to call the police. Don’t forget that there is an alarm here. If you don’t control the fire that came from the explosion, it will spread over a large area. This will complicate your task and bring down some of your tasks.

Complete missions to become a real pro!

When you receive the next order for a robbery, you will be limited in time. Sometimes you have to do everything in just one minute. Therefore, before you begin, you must plan every step you take. Let’s imagine that you need to steal a car in order to drown it in a river. You must plan your route by directing it towards the water. Be inconspicuous so as not to draw attention to yourself!

You can also try your hand at stealing a safe with millions. If it is on the third floor, then you need to find a truck. Throw the desired item out of the window and step on the gas. You must not be caught! In such tense situations, your full potential will be revealed. You have to learn to react quickly and think logically. Unlock new tools and find out where to use them best.