Teardown Multiplayer

Teardown is a place where you can rob without getting punished! Here you have to use your dexterity, ingenuity and quick reaction. A lot depends on your actions, so think twice before you do!

You will receive many tasks that are not similar to the previous ones. You have to come up with an impeccable strategy every time. Feel like a real professional!

Destroy everything that can interfere with you

In this city you have a difficult path. You have to go to the construction site and pretend that you are one of the workers. But you have completely different plans! You will have access to a large arsenal of weapons and equipment. This includes hammers, sledgehammers, saws, excavators and more.

You won’t be able to do it without this! You have to think through each subsequent step so as not to screw up. Steal cars, steal safes with lots of money and more!

Be careful and think about the route you will follow. You should be glad that people are not bothered by the noise you make. You cannot be afraid that you will be handed over to the police. But some vehicles have alarms.

You need to learn how to turn this off so you don’t get into a bad situation. Using tools, you can break walls or ceilings. The laws of physics apply in this game, so you can’t cheat it. If you hit the bottom of the building and destroy it, the roof will fall too.

Complete missions one by one

You must make sure that your character does not get hurt. This can also happen if you fall from a height or get burned. After throwing explosives into a structure, you must ensure that the fire does not spread too far. It is a pleasure to play here, because there are practically no restrictions for you.

You will constantly receive new tasks and sometimes very dangerous ones. If you successfully complete them, then you will receive points. This will help you become one of the best robbers! You must think logically so that nothing bad happens! Teardown is a place full of crime, and you are its creator!