Teardown Minecraft

In Teardown, you can not only have fun, but also improve your mental abilities. This simulator will allow you to make great plans for the perfect heists. You will have many opportunities and zero restrictions.

Forget about the rules of morality and get down to business as soon as possible! Here you have to use your best qualities to achieve success. This is the perfect way to spend your time and enjoy the process! Discover the world of madness in a new mod!

Don’t be afraid of danger

In this game you have to become a construction worker. But actually you have quite different goals here. You must make a plan that will not let you down on the robbery. You have a fairly large selection of equipment and tools.

You can use any of the suggested ones to achieve the desired result. In the city where you are now, almost everything is subject to a footnote. You have to deal with this issue and destroy most of the buildings. To demolish a wall, ceiling or something else, you can use a hammer.

Do not be too upset when you find out that your items are not capable of breaking everything that you see. Concrete walls and solid brick structures are impossible to destroy, so you should use another option. You can also dig a secret tunnel using a tractor or excavator.

In this case, you will definitely remain invisible. Use explosive devices to undermine what really bothers you. This will greatly facilitate your task and take you one step closer to your goal!

Teardown has prepared a lot of missions for you

You will constantly receive assignments from your mentors. Sometimes you will need to steal several cars at once. The task seems impossible, but you have to try. This is a world of crime, so everyone must be responsible for their actions.

Having stolen the transport of ill-wishers, you have to drown it. Since you are not allowed to flash in front of people, you should choose an appropriate route. Get it right and don’t screw up!

You can also rob a bank and take out a huge amount of money from there. Plan everything perfectly by using a truck for this. Playing here is a real pleasure, so you definitely won’t get bored. Use your cunning and dexterity to become a real master! Also, don’t let your character get hurt.

This can happen because you fall from a great height. You can also get burned if you don’t control the fire after the explosion. This is a painstaking job that requires you to respond quickly. Do everything wisely!